Development Workflow

Issue Creation

  • Find or create a github issue you want to work on
  • Split the issue up if needed. Anything bigger than 2 weeks is way too big
  • It will be beneficial to refine the issue with the team before you pull it to in progress


  • Create a new branch that has the issue id at the beginning of its name, e.g. 485-gl-resources-leak
  • Create new tests where it applies
  • Create or improve existing test maps where it applies
  • Create your changes on the branch
  • Rebase with master if needed (don't merge master into your branch)

Engine Changes

If you are a push developer you should be able to push your radix changes: - Change dir to radix: cd external/RadixEngine - Git add changes - Commit changes git commit -m "Your commit message" - Push to whatever branch you want to

When you want GlPortal to use that new Radix version inside the glportal directory just type

git add external/RadixEngine git commit -m "Update Radix" git push origin herebethenameofyourbranch


  • Check if all the tests pass
  • Create a PR and ask any or all members of technical-officers-engine to review the PR
  • Wait for your team mates to sign off on the PR

Quality Control

  • Make a code review
  • Make sure all the tests pass and that the game does not quit with a segfault or error
  • Play the game and check for errors


  • Merge your branch into master
  • Delete your branch

Things to avoid

  • Forgeting to reference the issue in the commit
  • Working on more than one github issue in one branch at once or do more than what the issue calls for.
  • Merging master back into your branch. Use rebase.
  • Working on Epics (anything above 2 weeks). Split them up into smaller tasks instead.